30 Jul 12 at 11 pm

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30 Jul 12 at 10 pm

Happy birthday to my queen Kate Bush uwu

She is an inspiration to me and motivated me to just be who I am and not give a damn about the haters, like her, and to also be more exuberant and flamboyant. Her music is so wonderful and individual and keeps me happy. I hope she had a wonderful day! And that she will live on for long and keep making music~

Happy Katemas! by mrsbeefheart

30 Jul 12 at 10 pm

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Happy Katemas everyone!

Wishing all Kate fans out there a very happy Katemas… meaning… it’s Kate’s birthday! Which means the earth has been blessed with her creative presence for 54 years now. I’m thrilled, and sure we all hope she has a great year ahead of her. I have a sneaky cheeky feeling this is going to be a productive year too.

Whoohoo so I’m going to start a Katemas tradition. No one is probably going to follow this except me, but whatever it’s worth a try! It’s all very well us going WHOO YEAH Katemas yay happy Katemas, but how about we make it a day of small joys. So how about every Katemas, if you want and you can you have to…

  • Do something that makes you happy
  • Do one good deed
  • Smile at passers-by and be polite
  • Write down something small that you want to achieve by next Katemas
  • You should probably eat cake too
  • And of course listen to a truckload of Kate’s music

I hope everyone has a fabulous day, make it a good one! Hugs all round.

Oh and educate your pc. Add the word “Katemas” to your computer’s dictionary because these red squiggly lines under it are irritating.

Wishing Kate a very wonderful Birthday, take a break, have some cake, and mourn over how unfortunate it is that Bushygifs’ present of a necklace set of 10 carat diamonds got lost in the post. Shame that.

Kate turns a peachy 53 today, so everyone turn your speakers up! We couldn’t be prouder of you Kate, your work is fantabby.