Hello everyone, sorry for the absence yet again, every now and then life gets on top of me and I don’t have time to update this for a while. I’ve been getting ready to move into a new flat. Don’t worry, for the very long foreseeable future I will always come back! A nice surprise to see we’ve made it to 1,000 followers while I was away, so thank you!

And on the Kate news front, hmmm, seems like there’s nothing… absolutely nothing at all… *cheeky wink*. (I think we’ve all heard the rumours and the activity she’s been up to but I don’t think the info was supposed to be leaked so keep it on the down-low.)

I’ll get gif making then and go through the requests, chao for now :D

'Tis our firstest birfday.
Kate at the South Bank Awards (2012)
05 May 12 at 7 pm

Kate performing The Kick Inside (1978) by thatslayerchick

Kate performing The Kick Inside (1978) by  thatslayerchick
Kate in Them Heavy People - by londonbyetata
12 Dec 11 at 9 pm

Kate in Les Dogs by Comic Strip Presents (1990)

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07 Dec 11 at 9 pm

Kate on her success (1978)

Kate on her success (1978)
Celebrating a special day today
Kate performing Wuthering Heights on Top Of The Pops (1978)
1 Week until 50 Words For Snow