12 Feb 13 at 12 am

Kate Bush receiving her Ivor Novello Award from Paul Gambaccini in 2002

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18 Aug 12 at 1 pm

Kate Bush on the Kenny Everett Video Show (July 10, 1978).

Kate Bush on the Kenny Everett Video Show (July 10, 1978).

Hello everyone, sorry for the absence yet again, every now and then life gets on top of me and I don’t have time to update this for a while. I’ve been getting ready to move into a new flat. Don’t worry, for the very long foreseeable future I will always come back! A nice surprise to see we’ve made it to 1,000 followers while I was away, so thank you!

And on the Kate news front, hmmm, seems like there’s nothing… absolutely nothing at all… *cheeky wink*. (I think we’ve all heard the rumours and the activity she’s been up to but I don’t think the info was supposed to be leaked so keep it on the down-low.)

I’ll get gif making then and go through the requests, chao for now :D

'Tis our firstest birfday.

And yaaaay Bushygifs’ first birthday has arrived. Everyone be happy whooooooo! God this reminds me I need to get a life. I am getting one in August, until then, I am a loser and I can eagerly run this blog. But moving on. So much has happened. A few days before I opened the blog Kate released her first album since 2005, then the following November, she popped out another album of new material which NO ONE was expecting. Director’s Cut was a big enough shock. Then of course there is all the beautiful videos, the Brit Nomination, the South Bank Sky Arts award… and although it shouldn’t matter, Kate’s appearance is probably secretly many people’s highlight of at least 2012 thus far. I include myself there.

And the one year report states *drumroll* that we arejustabout to hit the landmark of 1000 followers. This makes me feel pretty damn fantastic, there are 1000 people out there equally as obsessed with Kate Bush as me, and us, to want to look at silly gifs of her. We’re all huge fans of her songwriting and music and it’s just, gah, a wonderful feeling. Kate fans are awesome. So much has happened, it’s been a great year, I’ve spoken to such loving people and I just hope this fun continues. Thanks for the support, hope you like it!

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15 May 12 at 9 pm

Kate in Hounds Of Love (1985)

Kate in Hounds Of Love (1985)
Celebrating a special day today
Kate’s gone all hipster.
Kate performing Wuthering Heights on Top Of The Pops (1978)
1 Week until 50 Words For Snow
07 Nov 11 at 10 pm

2 weeks until 50 Words For Snow

2 weeks until 50 Words For Snow
Kate in The Man With The Child In His Eyes (1978)