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Kate in And So Is Love (1993) - by Kate-Boosh

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Kate performing Them Heavy People (1978) - by Kate-Boosh

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Kate in Babooshka (1980) - by abortaporlaboca2

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Kate in Babooshka (1980) - by abortaporlaboca2
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Kate in Sat In Your Lap (1982) - by say-no-to-kryptonite


Kate Bush: please don’t take photos at my gigs
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Kate in Running Up That Hill (1985) - by rabbitteennn

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Kate in Wuthering Heights (1978) - by nosoundinspace

Kate in Wuthering Heights (1978) - by nosoundinspace
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Kate rehearsing (1979) - by 

Kate rehearsing (1979) - by our-young-cathy-bush

Apologies for the total lack of updates or activity on here, at such a peak time of Kate activity! Not that it matters but I’ve actually been unbelievably depressed. However, the thought of Kate’s shows, and that I’ll be going in a week is really helping me pull through and keep my head above the water. It’s still not actually sunk in. I can’t be the only one who thinks the whole thing must be a dream?

Just wanted to put out a little message to everyone out there who is having a hard time - you’re not alone. Whether you’re going to the shows or not, times like these prove that amazing, impossible things can happen, the world can sometimes be a truly beautiful place.

If you know someone who seems withdrawn, is by themselves or seems down… be a friend to them. They might be hard to be around or difficult to talk to, or even push you away, but if you have the strength and don’t want to be “most people” who just walk on by… be that friend.

Read this http://www.buzzfeed.com/alexisnedd/things-nobody-tells-you-about-being-depressed?bffbuk. And then listen to “Don’t Give Up” 20 times.

Wishing Kate the best of luck for tomorrow, we all are holding our breath!

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"Creativity comes from the freedom to fail. And the freedom to fail comes from experimentation and that is what gives something its individuality. I think her courage, which is the positive way of interpreting it or bloody-mindedness, which is the negative, is part of what gives her real value as an artist.” - Peter Gabriel

I mean they’re not normal songs. None of her songs have been normal. She’s just who she is. She’s unique. She’s a mystery. She’s the most beautiful mystery.” - Elton John

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